Washington  state's ban on using a cellphone or texting while driving has led to nearly 670 citations between June 10 and July 1.

State Patrol Chief John Batiste believes compliance has increased since the violation became a primary offense, and that's making things easier for troopers.

"Those who continue to flout the law are now much easier to spot," Batiste said in a news release.

On June 10, the state's old law on cellphones and texting moved from being a secondary offense to a primary one, which means that troopers no longer need some other reason to stop a driver they see texting or using a cellphone.

The State Patrol did not give a formal grace period, as it typically does with new laws. Drivers who don't use a handsfree device can get a $124 ticket.

Along with the nearly 670 citations, nearly 500 warnings were issued.


07/02/2010 14:45

Not nearly enough -- I see multiple violations on a daily basis while I'm walking.


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